Saline Sonogram – Cleared for FET!

I’m so excited, I could leak saline!
(Seriously though – check out these diapers)


Wonder if anyone notices my bulky crotch in these skinny jeans…

Saline sonogram went swimmingly. The test took no more than five minutes start to finish. Though I was nervous about potential bad results, I was much more comfortable in the stirrups this time, waiting to be prodded. My doctor said “This is like our fifth date already! People are jumping into the sac within three dates these days” HA!


I didn’t have any pain, just slight discomfort when she clamped the cervix. The catheter went in without a hitch and I really couldn’t feel the saline being injected. As I was laying there, Peter Gabriels “In Your Eyes” came on over the speakers, followed by my doctor pronouncing “Looks just beautiful! Textbook. No reason we can’t put a baby in there” … tears. Clearly I’m emotional even when I’m off hormones :)

But for me, even the littlest of things seem like a milestone worthy of celebration on this journey.

I’m feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the next steps. I will be doing a natural cryo transfer cycle. This means we will follow my natural cycle, unmedicated, and perform a single embryo transfer roughly one week after ovulation (based on embryo age at cryopreservation). Though I will not be stimming or taking medications to induce ovulation, during the luteal phase of my cycle, I will be taking Medrol to help with implantation, antibiotics, and oral progesterone supplements. Hallelujah, no shots!! (My ass is still paying for those PIO injections from my fresh cycle months later)

So what’s next?

– Await another CD1 (expected week of August 17th)
– Go in for baseline bloods CD3
– Bloodwork and U/S CD10 (determine daily or every other day monitoring)
– Monitor for ovulation
– Determine FET date
– Transfer
– Wish. Hope. Wait.