Legit Symptoms of Pregnancy or Another Page in the Diary of a Crazy Woman

Even though I haven’t been trolling Google to fact check every cramp, fart, or wave of nausea I’ve been experiencing, I’ve kept track of my symptoms during my 2WW. I’m not sure if this list will help an IVFer in the future, or just become another page in my chronicles entitled “things I felt when I made myself believe I was pregnant”. Either way, here it is:

0dp5dt: Serious night sweat (woke up soaked and thought I peed myself!), bloating, very slight cramping.

1dp5dt: Minor cramping, bloating.

2dp5dt: Boobs twinge every so often, bloating, increased cramping, waves of nausea.

3dp5dt: Increased CM, bloating (or maybe at this point, all the ice cream I’ve been eating lately :-o)

4dp5dt: Fatigue, waves of mild nausea, lower back ache, bloating.

5dp5dt: Insomnia! (Woke up at 3AM & 5AM), sore boobs, CrAnKy, waves of mild nausea.

6dp5dt: Insomnia! (Woke up at 2AM, 3AM, 4AM & 5AM), exhausted (probably from not sleeping).

7dp5dt: On and off cramping, tired.

8dp5dt: Afternoon fatigue, not much else going on!

9dp5dt: Beta #1 positive @ 27.5, but very low. Cautiously optimistic. Uterus feels achy. Emotional.

10dp5dt: Minor cramping

11dp5dt: Beta #2 positive @ 28, but hardly any progression. Calling this cycle a fail.