How to Have a Painless Novarel Trigger Injection

Well glad that’s over! I’ve been anxious about the trigger shot since we started this process (only to be outdone by my exceeding anxiety over the PIO).

So, how did it go? Three words…

“Is it in?”

That’s right! Didn’t feel a thing! Here are my suggestions for a painless intramuscular trigger shot:

  • Ice the area for twenty minutes ahead of time (I used ice 2 ice cubes in a plastic ziploc right against the skin, no paper towel barrier)
  • Avoid looking at the needle. No need to ramp up the anxiety beyond what you’re already imagining in your head.
  • Lay down on your bed or couch with a pillow propped under your stomach (if you’re not too bloated to lay this way). Otherwise you can try laying on your side on a bed/couch with the injection site facing up. I preferred to lay down instead of stand just in-case I was going down!
  • Relax your muscles.
  • Grab a hold of something to squeeze.
  • Inhale.
  • Tell hubby to stretch the skin (not pinch) and throw that dart in quick.
  • Inject.
  • Exhale and then laugh at yourself when you realize you’re alive and that was really no big deal.

What to expect the next morning:
Sore ass (nothing unbearable)

I mean you DID just inject 5-10,000 units of pregnancy hormone. So this is what it feels like, eh? I’ll take it!