Dear Levi & Roen: A Letter to My IVF Miracles

Levi & Roen,

As our time being connected as one nears an end, I find my heart skipping a beat at the realization that one of the most memorable days of my entire life is a week (or less) away. I never thought my insatiable curiosity could withstand a potential 38 weeks of suspense, and frankly was not confident my body could nurture you both to term, but arriving at this very moment, one week before your expected birthday, is proof that my body and mind are stronger than I often believe. Having hung on this long, it’s clear that you both have inherited the same strong will and determination, or you just really enjoy the coziness of being inside my belly and near one another…I’m guessing it’s a little bit of both :).

I will be very honest in saying, I really never thought I would be so lucky to be receiving my miracle in a pair. I had secretly wished for it many times over, but started to lose hope along the very long journey to conceive you. There were many times I had wanted to give up in the process, but something inside always told me to keep pushing forward. That feeling, my desire to one day be a mom, and my perseverance to make that dream a reality, eventually lead me to you.

You will be my first and my last, and my everything in-between. I know I will miss your constant presence within me, but I am so looking forward to meeting you. Getting a hang of this “mom” thing may take me a lifetime, but I will never lose sight of the moments along the way that make it all worthwhile. I don’t have many expectations for you. Instead, I simply hope you will always feel loved and supported. I hope you will live and dream passionately…and I hope you will never accept defeat.

I’m bursting with excitement (and a bit of anxiety) as we stand on the precipice of this new phase of life together. You’ve already taught me more than you will ever know, but there is so much more for all of us to learn. Thanks in advance for giving me the opportunity to experience motherhood, and a love unlike anything on this planet.

Love Always,