Hi. I’m Rachael.

Hi. I’m Rachael.

infertility warrior turned twin mama

Loving my crazy life with the same fervor as hipsters in Coke commercials. Often in search of sleep and sanity. In all seriousness, I just don't take myself very seriously. Read more here if you're into that sort of thing.

My IVF Journey Timeline

My IVF Journey Timeline

some miracles take a little more time

View a snapshot of my 2+ year journey to mommyhood through assisted reproduction here. Need more details? Looking for some inspiration? Laugh with me, cry with me, and soak it all in through the blog.

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence

on infertility

Sharing my story with the world was a choice I made for many reasons, but it all began with the thought that we go through things for others. Infertility and isolation are often synonymous. If you're here, you're not alone...


Introducing Debbra Keegan, M.D.

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Dr. Debbra Keegan, a leading authority on infertility. Dr. Keegan, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist will be taking up residency right here at, sharing a wealth of knowledge and helping to #breakthesilence on infertility.

Stay tuned for her featured blogs and exclusive webinars!


Coming this Spring!

An exclusive infertility community event, kicking-off in the tri-state area. Join Reproductive Endocrinologists, Infertility Specialist, Mind, Body, Health and Wellness Vendors for an uplifting day of educational sessions, success sharing and exercises in coping. Break the silence on infertility with other men and women who share your struggle. Varying areas of infertility and assisted reproduction technologies will be covered.

Refreshments will be served. Raffles, infertility swag bags, and more! You won’t want to miss it!

Spots are limited. Pre-reserve your admission to this exclusive event by providing your information below.

Further details will be released as they become available.


for our infertility community event, taking place in central NJ, launching this spring!

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L&R’s Closet

L&R’s Closet

Gently used threads from some of our favorite brands and shops that have been briefly loved and quickly outgrown. Browse current listings soon and check back often for new items.

Support Gifts

Support Gifts

Find just the right gifts to support a friend who is struggling with infertility. My personal favorites listed here.



UKU's Relaunch Giveaway, featuring some of my favorite vendors, is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

View my line of infertility greeting cards on Etsy at Levi & Roen in Print. Humor & support cards cover a range of infertility causes, assisted reproduction technologies, and ttc scenarios.



Free prints designed specially for the infertility community by Levi & Roen in Print. View current available designs here.

Title Closet



Gently used threads from some of our favorite brands and shops that have been briefly loved and quickly outgrown. Twin sets, coordinated outfits and more at over 40% off retail prices. Browse current listings and check back often for new items.


Email me when it opens!


Half a Year – If Only I Knew

Six months has passed in what feels like a matter of minutes. Time sure did move a lot slower when we were waiting for you, but I’d wait all over again if I knew you would be the recompense, after such a long and trying journey. I’d relive every ounce of pain, every moment of uncertainty, every loss, and spend every. single. penny. again…if I knew, you would be the end result. But I couldn’t have known. That’s the thing about life, the only certainty is that we never truly know what tomorrow holds. All we can do is hope, and dream, and fight, and have faith that one day, everything will fall into place. It’s sad to think, I may have never met you, if we hadn’t given it just “one more try“. After so much failure, I teetered on the line of giving up and pushing forward, but I wasn’t raised a quitter. I’m forever grateful that we chose the latter. You’re a testament of courage and strength. Proof of perseverance. You…are a dream come true.

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Infertility to Twins – Levi & Roen’s Birth Story

I will never forget the sound of the very first tiny cry that welcomed me to motherhood at 3:37 PM on September 16th, 2015. An unforgettable moment of disbelief, as one long and trying journey came to an end and another one began, from infertility to twins.

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Re-Launch Infertility Giveaway

Happy belated New Year, friends! I’m so excited to finally be sharing the new site with you, but I’m even more excited about all of the plans in the work this year for Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements coming soon. I have a back log of blogs to catch up on since the twins were born, but in celebration of the re-launch, I’ve teamed up with a few of my favorite vendors to put together a giveaway just for the infertility community.

Over $300 in gifts up for grabs, and one winner will take it all!

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Dear Levi & Roen: A Letter to My IVF Miracles

Levi & Roen,

As our time being connected as one nears an end, I find my heart skipping a beat at the realization that one of the most memorable days of my entire life is a week (or less) away. I never thought my insatiable curiosity could withstand a potential 38 weeks of suspense, and frankly was not confident my body could nurture you both to term

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Freezer Meal Prep Before Baby(ies)

With two babies due for arrival very soon, I figured it was about time to tackle the freeze-ahead meal prep that I had frankly been dreading for obvious reasons…I’m pregnant, tired and have barely had energy to cook even ONE dinner on a regular week night. I’ll admit right up front, this was an overwhelming task at 34 weeks pregnant with twins, but much like what I hear about labor and birth, it’s now just a blur…and all I am left with is the fabulous result. :)

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Welp. I’m Still Pregnant. (The Very Long Overdue Update)

/Forgive me friends for not updating sooner! I have not fallen off the face of the earth…just face first into my (mound of) pillow(s) more frequently. :) I am officially 229 days pregnant today (32 weeks +5) and in that time a lot has changed, like the size of my pants…

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